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Translation of work-record card

перевод трудовой книжки Copy State emblem — # —   WORK-RECORD CARD Surname:                     —- Name:                          — Patronymic:                  — Date of birth:                — Date of issue:               — Signature of the owner: Signature Signature of the authority:         Signature (—-.)   Seal personnel department 1 Work register   # Date Information concerning employment acceptation, change […]

Translation of Recommendation paper

Recommendation paper issued to —–  who studied at the preparatory department of the National university of “—” from — till —-, and from — till — was a student of the foreign languages department of the university. Our cooperation with —- started in 2003 when under my supervision she was writing her qualification paper “The […]

Translation of letter of explanation to embassy

Embassy of the United States of America Consular department —— Ukraine   Dear Sir or Madam, I, —-, in November —-  changed my name from — into —-. In the present letter I want to explain the reason I did that. In the period from —- till — I was in the USA. There after […]

Translation of Receipt (payment)

Receipt # —-   Date of payment: —- Date of conversion— Currency Debit of account Account credit Sum in numbers Equivalent in hryvnias Digital code Literal code 978 EUR — — 5 650,00 39 072,41 Total (in numbers) 5 650,00 39 072,41 Total amount (in words)        Five thousand six hundred and fifty euros 00 cents Thirty nine thousand […]

Translation of identification code (taxpayer code)

 CARD OF A NATURAL PERSON – TAXPAYER Interregional State Tax Inspection of —- Informs that                             —- Received an identification code (taxpayer code)    —-, Issued by the state tax administration of Ukraine in accordance with the information filled in by her in the record card.   Date of registering in the State Register of natural persons […]